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Terengganu Classic House

Terengganu classic house (Rumah Bujang & Rumah Bujang berserambi) features similar to Cambodian and Thai houses. With its raised platform on stilts, triangular shape, steep gabled roof, gently curved gable ends (Peles), rhomboid shaped terracotta roof tiles and walls made of timber panels which slotted into grooves frames.

Built entirely of Cengal wood (Neobalanocarpus Heimii), the walls, doors, windows and gables consist of separate wood panels which are fitted together using wooden joints held in place by pasak (wooden pegs) from penaga wood.

Amazingly, No nails are used, thus the entire structure can be taken apart and reassembled. In Malay Terengganu dialect masang, meaning ‘assemble’. The house can be easily assembled or dismantled and move from one location to another. Imagine, Terengganu already making prefabricated homes over hundreds year ago.

Terrapuri Heritage Village is a conservation and restoration project on Terengganu classic houses with objectives as follow :

Rescued and restored centuries old Terengganu classic houses otherwise would have been demolished or would have fallen into ruin.

Preservation, understand the cultures, motifs, symbolic, tales and values behind it.

Gain more appreciation of Malay architectural and to educate young generation of carpenters (Tukang Kayu) on eroding heritage of a Terengganu Malay classic house.

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